Saturday, July 2, 2011

my first custom album - sheeda & peoi

my first tryout for custom album.
photos taken somewhere in Feb..i honestly hv been a lil paranoid to try wat sbb x rase cam cukup kreatif nak wat, ingat nak anta org lain design jek. tp hearing that design charge jek rm300 min, cam x worth it la plak.

so after researching a bit, ask here and there, gamble jek buat try and error. managed to finish the layout of this album - 12" x 12"album in a week, which i sent to the printer to turn them into a crystal uv album.
ade problem sikit but hopefully the album wud come out nicely :p

if this works out well, insyaAllah will come out with a new revised photography package soon :-)

p/s: my aim was sthg that's minimalist, simple but nice. but when i'm done, turned out maybe not simple enough i thot..need to work on that.

while chanting he now famous 'aunty farah~'..owh i feel so blessed!

a weekend get away with besties. amal & cikyam with cikyam's darling daughter, ayra to pd.
we had a blast! we stayed in the thistle pd, very nice 4-start hotel with nice pool and private beach :p

cant wait for our next trip( destination undecided!). since they are expanding, maybe this time around a lil family trip will be nice ( with hubs and kids!)..i mean, we cud use some 'babysitters' while we enjoy ourselves , aight? :p

alan & eziey|engagement

shot the engagement of quite-a-close-colleague-cum-friend, Alan & Eziey s'where in April.
sort of like a favor for a friend, sthg i dont do anymore these days unless for really special friends.
in this case, it's a little pact between us and another friend - u shoot me, later i'll shoot u.
i dont know if the time for the two to return the favor will ever come ( i hope it does of cos!!), but this time around, it was Alan's turn :p

nice little family occasion at eziey's family home in kota damansara. we even took it further to a short outdoor afterwards in putrajaya. here are some of them~
err..pls enjoy the pics from the bottom - up ye!

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Amal & Khairi | outdoor post wedding| kellies castle

tak update since February nampaknye. i so suck at this blog nye layouts and stuff so for the time being am gonna stick with this one..nanti la tukar2 sket.

tetiba rase cam nak aktifkan balik this blog - mainly for public display.

let me start with some photos from the outdoor shooting of my beloved bestfriend, Amal & her hubby, Khairi.
abt half a year after the wedding, we drove to kellies castle for an outdoor shooting. am so not used to outdoor potraiture and stuff, so here goes.
we had a super awesome day there :p